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After the great success of our first giveaway, Diabolical Games is giving away more copies of Boba Boss! And each one is unique! The contest is live now and will end on December 19th. There are a staggering number of ways to enter the giveaway. THREE IN FACT! The best part is that each way gets you more entries. Maximize your chances! Scroll down for more information.

There are only 6 boxes like this in the whole wide world, one for each flavor. And we really mean completely unique! We’re never going to print them like this again, ever. That’s why they have THE ONE OF A KIND LIMITED EDITION printed on them. Obviously.

Check them out below! You can also click on the image to explore a 3D version of the box.

Sorry! The super cool yellow one has already been raffled away.

1. Take the Boba Boss Challenge (+10 entries)

Click here for more information about The Boba Boss Challenge.

Play the game, screen shot your time and share it on social media. Don’t forget to tag Diabolical Games (so we can keep count). That’s it!

Want more entries? Get an extra entry for every friend that you tag in your post!

2. Enter Our Mailing List (+1 entry)

Stay up to date with our new game developments and our Kickstarter campaigns. We’ll share exclusive offers and content to our followers before these are made public. Join us so you don’t miss out!

3. Visit us at PAX East and post about us (+10 entries)

We’re going to be hanging out in the Free Play Area. Keep an eye out for our crazy loud hoodies and our sign. Come play Boba Boss with us!

4. Follow us on Social media (+1 entry)

Following us gets you updates about Boba Boss and its development. And you get an entry into the Giveaway. It is a win-win!

Want even more entries? The same as with The Boba Boss Challenge above, get an extra entry for every friend that you tag in your posts about Boba Boss!

The Fine Print

HOW TO ENTER: (or a recap of the list above)

1)   Enter our Mailing List (+1 entry)

2)   Take the Boba Boss Challenge (+10 entries)

3)   Come visit us at PAX East and post about us (+10 entries)

4)   Follow us on Social Media (+1 entry)


For points 2 and 3 above, tag a friend. For every friend tagged, get +1 entry.  The more the merrier.



Yes, they all will! But not all at once. The first part of the raffle will take place between 12/13/19 to 12/19/19. On 12/20/19 we will announce the winner and randomly select which Flavor Box will be the first to be sent out to the winner. If you live in the continental United States, it’s quite possible that the first Flavor copy of Boba Boss will arrive before Santa starts jumping down chimneys, just in time to play with the whole family! So what are you waiting for?! Spread the word! 


Open worldwide! Must be 18+ years old to enter. Giveaway begins 12/13/19. Throughout the contest, winners will be selected at random and contacted via DM or e-mail. Diabolical Games, as the organizer, reserves the right to revise the contest period at any time. All fees, including shipping, will be covered by Diabolical Games. Giveaway is hosted by Diabolical Games and is not affiliated with any other entities such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. Good luck!