Welcome to The Boba Boss Challenge!

The Challenge employs the Stroop Effect to test players’ reaction times in deciphering the quick succession of images. It was designed to give people a taste of our crazy-wacky card game Boba Boss.

If you took the challenge and thought, “I sure wish I could play with other people and have bonkers amounts of fun with them…” then we encourage you to check out Boba Boss!

Where the Boba Boss Challenge is a teaser of a game, Boba Boss is a fully fledged, insanitea-inducing tabletop card came. The Challenge introduces players to the core mechanic used in Boba Boss but doesn’t come close to simulating just how exhilarating a round of the OG can be. 

Win a copy of Boba Boss


Going on right now, Diabolical Games is having a giveaway of the actual Boba Boss card game. Take the challenge to enter. Click here to learn more!



Click on the link above to take you to the web-game. The rules on how to play are included in the application. Once you’ve finished the game, take a screen shot of your screen with the game on it. Then challenge your friends to beat your time by sharing your result on social media!