Boba Boss is a fast-paced, brain twisting, color and word association card game that is sure to stir up insanitea!



If you think you can, why don’t you take The Boba Boss Challenge, which employs the core mechanic in Boba Boss and gives you a taste of what Boba Boss is all about?


Boba Boss is crazy simple and easy to figure out. It takes less than a minute to learn and can take even less time than that to play it. A round can be over in mere seconds!

If you’re ready for a blazingly quick game that’s tea cups of fun, then Boba Boss was made for you! The question is were you made for Boba Boss?

As if we didn’t already have enough stress in our lives, along comes Boba Boss and makes us sweat in the first 60 seconds. It fills a unique niche and earns a place next to our beloved Happy Salmon. High praise for a great game.

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Boba Boss can be played with 2 to 6 people, but we really recommend packing the table to the max. Everyone plays as an employee at a tea shop. Your goal is to win employee of the minute by filling all your tea cups before anyone else finishes filling theirs. Complicating the situation a little is the fact that not only are players filling their own cups, they’re also spilling their opponents cups at the same time. But you can’t just go filling and spilling cups willy-nilly (well, we guess you could, but no one likes a cheater!) You have to make an honest attempt to complete the actions on your cards.


The Boba Boss cards are divided into 6 decks: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange and Purple. One color for each player. Each deck has three basic cards in it; Tea Cup cards, Fill cards and Spill cards.


At the start of a round, all players place their 7 Tea Cup cards on the table in front of them. Players then hold the rest of their deck (all the Spill and Fill cards) face down in their hands. When the round starts, everyone simultaneously reveals the top card in their deck and performs the action required by that card. Once a player has completed the action, they turn over the next card in their deck, and perform that action, and so on and so forth. There are no turns and no waiting around for others. Complete the actions as fast as you can!

Once a player only has 2 cups left to fill, they yell “BOBA!” This gives everyone a heads up that that player is close to winning. Once a player has all their Tea Cup cards with the READY side face up, they yell “BOBA BOSS!” to declare themselves the winner.

6 players unleashes maximum insanitea, yet defeating just one opponent is very gratifying. We have to say 14+, but younger people have enjoyed it a great deal as well. A round of Boba Boss can last up to 5 minutes, depending on which optional Flavor Cards you play with, but it can also end much faster.


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Frequently called Bubble Tea, but also known as Pearl Milk Tea, 波霸奶茶, or simply Boba, this chewy creation was invented in Taiwan over thirty years ago. Incredibly popular on its home island, Bubble Tea has taken the world by storm with tea shops serving the delicious beverage popping up everywhere. Usually served as a tea-based drink, Bubble Tea has at its core gummy-like tapioca balls, also known as pearls, or Boba, hence the name of our first game, Boba Boss.

Honestly, if you haven’t tried it yet, you should! It’s delicious!

Still want to know more? Wikipedia to the rescue!